New Body Costa Rica

New body cosmetics from costa rica

Rosa is the founder of New Body Costa Rica. The logo came from the feeling people get from using her products, a New Body. 

When she was young her father served in Sandinista military and was killed. Her mother took us to Costa rica for a better life. Rosa's mother taught her how to bake bread and pastries and this is where she learned  to mix and make things so well. She came up with a way to bake bread with an outdoor oven and window system that she had made herself. Rosa learned to sell by walking the streets with her mother to sell the bread.

Rosa became a nanny as she went to the university for business administration, but did not finish in order to start a family with her husband. 

Rosa's hero is her mother because her mother became both her mother and father. She hopes we will like her products appreciate her New Body treatments.