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We use 100% Arabica Organic Coffee from Costa Rica

There are three Roast Options:

  • Dark
  • Medium
  • Light

Whole Beans or Medium Grind

Torunes farm partnered with SoulGives nonprofit to pair great tasting coffee with humanitarian impact.

Our gourmet coffee is rich, smooth, balanced, and sure to offer a uniquely tasty experience in each cup. We make it a point to handpick beans of the highest quality at the moment of perfect ripeness, carefully sun-dry the beans, and roast them to perfection.

Due to this diligent process, our coffee boasts the deep flavors you desire without the strong acids and bitterness so prevalent in most coffee. The result is a uniquely rich and warming aroma and taste.

The Esquivel family has been proudly farming delicious coffee since 1897. Their Torunes farm is among a small fraction of farms in the mountainous region near San Jose, Costa Rica, that have been certified fully organic. Without using artificial pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and harmful fertilizers, the farm workers are safer, the environment is cleaner, and the bean ends up with a higher concentration of antioxidants 

the  Esquivel's are grateful to be a part of the SoulGives collective, and we are happy to offer you great tasting coffee with humanitarian impact.