Cabuya Sculptures

Miguel is an Artist that hand sculpts wood.

We happen-chanced to meet Miguel Angel Alforogares, a gifted Costa Rican artist, offering his wood sculptures out of the back of his pickup on the side of a road because his work was not selling in the tourist shops. Tourism had stopped in Costa Rica.

He is a recovering alcoholic, sober for 25 years, and is happily married with a 24-year-old son. He has learned resourcefulness and is still optimistic about the future. After looking at the quality of his work and beauty of the wood he chose, we were happy to help by offering to sell his sculptures on SoulGives.

He carefully selects wood pieces near his home and says he only carves what he sees in the wood. Each piece is a unique work and is hand-crafted.

Because the photos cannot adequately show the dimensionality of his work, we guarantee that you will like what you choose or your money back.

The Angel sculpture

The Fin sculpture

The Sprout sculptureWood Sculpture of an tulip blossom