Meet our Artisans

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The indigenous Boruca Tribe in southern Costa Rica has artisans that handmake high-quality, handcrafted bags, purses, placemats, hats and even yoga mat bags.

All are made from local cotton using plant-based dyes.

Costa Rica is famous for their durable contrasting grained wood, including cocobolo and Guanacaste.

These unique art pieces are made from local woods and appropriate for any setting.


The Huetar indigenous group lives in the mountains of central Costa Rica.

Our artisan specializes in handmade baskets, pottery, and musical instruments using local materials.


 The Spirit of the Chorotega Clay

The indigenous Chorotega people live in the Guaitil region of western Costa Rica.

They have been making unique hand thrown, wood-fired pottery using traditional methods, clays and dyes. 


Joka Woodwork

Joka is actually a family of artisans in the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica.

They make wooden bowls, utensils, serving plates, and decorative items that have been hand carved from local timber, particularly Guanacaste wood.



The primary indigenous group of the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. 

Handmade drums, rainsticks, and key chain masks.



 Oaxaca Textiles

This small family-owned business has blended the talents of all the family members in traditional textile and fabrics to make unique clothing, towels, rugs, and artwork.

The skills are such that the quality is unmatched. 

Their materials are locally grown and prepared cotton and wool. The dyes are all natural plant-based. 


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