Meet our Artisans

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The indigenous Boruca Tribe in southern Costa Rica has artisans that handmake high-quality, handcrafted bags, purses, placemats, hats and even yoga mat bags. All are made from local cotton using plant-based dyes.

Cabuya Wood Sculptures

Costa Rica is famous for their durable contrasting grained wood, including Cocobolo and Guanacaste.These unique art pieces are made from local woods and appropriate for any setting. 

The Huetar indigenous group lives in the mountains of central Costa Rica.

Our artisan specializes in handmade baskets, pottery, and musical instruments using local materials.

The indigenous Chorotega people live in the Guaitil region of western Costa Rica. They have been making unique hand thrown, wood-fired pottery using traditional methods, clays and dyes. 

Joka Woodworks

Joka is actually a family of artisans in the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. They make wooden bowls, utensils, serving plates, and decorative items that have been hand carved from local timber, particularly Guanacaste wood.


The Maleku are the primary indigenous group of the Guanacaste province in Costa Rica. They have handmade drums, rainsticks, and key chain masks whose materials and paint they gather from their jungle.

 Oaxaca Textiles

This small family-owned business has blended the talents of all the family members in traditional textile and fabrics to make unique clothing, towels, rugs, and artwork. Their materials are locally grown and prepared cotton and wool.


Transforma works to change the lives of impoverished women, children and immigrant through wrap-around services and holistic integrated interventions, that disrupt the compounding cyclical challenges of poverty. 

La Escala

Pedro has been making Barro Negro (black clay) pottery for all his life. He learned the skills from his grandfather and father, but you will also see unique designs that only he crafts.

Mazorca Negro Chocolate

Motivated by her love of the Mayan culture in her town of Chetumal and of chocolate, Mary started a business to give jobs to the community and wonderful cacao and chocolate items to the world.

Yuu Lee Family Shop

This inter-generational business specializes in using local wool and colored dyes from cacao and other plants to handmake unique blankets, rugs, handbags, and much more. The bag designs have been time-tested to ensure it will be your most durable purchase.

Emi took her love of gardening to develop a business. She started a vanilla farm. Vanilla is the second most expensive spice, and the reason is because it is requires year-around attention eventhough it has just a single harvest. Her vanilla farm is different from most others. Read to see why.

Bee Friendly

They initially came to Cozumel to grow specialty fresh herbs and vegetables for the community, but found that without sufficient bees, the crops were poor. They started a few hives and found that they loved the beekeeping better than farming. They sell 100% pure honey and honey products. You will notice the difference.

Koopte Wood

Julio learned woodworking from his father, and along with his sister, the shop expanded on the Mayan techniques to craft more than furniture and utensils. They specialize in intarsia wood that have deep colors and intricate grains. has been a venture that was born as a hobby 10 years ago living in northern Costa Rica. She had grown up in the forest and so nature had a calling to her. Then the pandemic hit and stopped her successful printing business.

Elizabeth can create any jewelry that you can imagine, using sea glass, shells, beads, metal, and more. She can also infuse her jewelry with meaning and emotion, making each piece a reflection of your personality and spirit.