We have been especially thankful for the awesome support we have received from our corporate partners:

Lightforce International

In the fight to uphold justice through sustainable solutions, Lightforce International partners with individuals, communities and organizations to tackle root causes of injustice like poverty and exploitation.

Since 2012 LFI has worked with at-risk populations as well as with victims and survivors of trafficking. As a result of our staff’s experiences and growing passions, LFI has targeted and refined its mission to focus primarily on working with vulnerable kids, youth and adults to prevent exploitation and victimization.

Today, LFI has offices in Costa Rica, Germany, Jordan, and Congo where we continue to execute and develop programs and to build resources to fulfill our vision.

Photo of women on a street corner.      



My360Project is a humanitarian shoe organization. Their goal is to go to places where children cannot afford shoes and help them better their lifestyle with healthier feet. However, the biggest asset of the My360Project is to employ the local people to build shoes and receive a livable wage along with valuable life skills working within a ministry that is focused on sustainability.



How YOU can become an ambassador: contact us to discover how you can assist to promote SoulGives to your church, business, club, civic organization and more. 

SoulGives is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, EIN: 86-3441039. Our commitment to our creators, communities, volunteer staff and clients uphold the highest standards of integrity and fidelity. 

We'll be happy to visit with you to discuss our vision
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