We have been especially thankful for the awesome support we have received from our corporate partners:

Living Soul Institute

The head of Living Soul Institute, Kristin Gibowicz, has been involved for over 20 years leading yoga practice in studios honoring all of the stories and faith traditions.

The institute has a deep respect for the hybrid influences of modern postural yoga and brings the fullness of healing to the yoga mat - heart, soul, mind and body.  Living Soul Institute is a bridge from our disintegrated selves to the wholeness of transformed living in Christ. 

Living Soul Institute offers spiritual formation and yoga programming that serves the WHOLE person - mind, body, and soul. The staff are followers of Christ who have been deeply impacted by yoga and contemplative practices and want others to experience an embodied faith to become conduits of love and hope in the world. We believe God has a greater story of reconciliation, restoration, and redemption for all living souls. 

Living Soul Institute offers retreats, leadership programming, yoga teacher training, yoga teacher mentorship, and online yoga instruction.

Living Soul Institute supporting SoulGives at a yoga workshop.


Refuge City

Through social and educational programs, we work to help youth learn about life skills, human rights, sexual and labor abuse prevention, community service, and creativity and expression through art. We also provide learning techniques for different types of intelligence and abilities.


Refuge City engages with federal agencies and lawmakers to advance a human rights-based approach to combating human trafficking. We advocate for policies that address the core causes of human trafficking and promote the protection and rights of those who have been trafficked.

We assist survivors through case management, collaboration with other non-profit organizations, legal authorities, as well as partnering with government outreach efforts through our ‘outcare program’ for survivors of human trafficking.

Promoting educational awareness is at the heart of our efforts. By providing comprehensive training, we empower participants with in-depth knowledge about trafficking in persons and its far-reaching impacts. Armed with this knowledge, we unite to create methodological tools that foster awareness and inspire positive action, propelling us towards progress and transformation.

We hope that through collaboration and training, we can continue to be an effective tool in the fight against human trafficking and its related issues. Strategic and effective awareness is the key to making significant change.

Photo of women on a street corner.      


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