The Spirit of the Chorotega Clay

Miguel Leal who makes pottery

The most noteworthy ceramics made in Costa Rica come from the Chorotega people in the Guaitil region. They use clay collected from local riverbeds and follow the kneading, shaping, and firing methods that have been passed through generations.

Although their pottery wheels are now conjured from fan and automobile parts the artisans hold onto their natural earthen colors and styles. We met Miguel, an innovative and creative Guaitil pottery instructor, who has developed novel distinct pieces while yet remaining loyal to his craft.

Unlike most other potters whose works are exclusively decorative, Miguel glazes and fires his cups, mugs and vases so that they won't seep when liquids are in them. 

We hope that you enjoy his quality work and help him continue to develop his amazing skills.

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hand thrown, hand painted and hand carved ceramic dish
Miguel throwing pottery on a hand spun wheelPottery fired in wood-fired kiln